Utility functions and classes.

Utility functions

setup_logging([parameter_container, ...]) Setup logging configuration
get_parameter_hash(params) Get unique hash string (md5) for given parameter dict
get_class_inheritors(klass) Get all classes inherited from given class
get_byte_string(num_bytes) Output number of bytes according to locale and with IEC binary prefixes
argument_file_exists(filename) Argument file checker
filelist_exists(filelist) Check that all file in the list exists
posix_path(path) Converts path to POSIX format


Timer() Timer class
Timer.start() Start timer
Timer.stop() Stop timer
Timer.elapsed() Return elapsed time in seconds since timer was started
Timer.get_string() Get elapsed time in a string format


SuppressStdoutAndStderr() Context manager to suppress STDOUT and STDERR


SimpleMathStringEvaluator() Simple math string evaluator
SimpleMathStringEvaluator.eval(string) Evaluate math in the string