class dcase_framework.data.ProcessingChain[source]

x.__init__(...) initializes x; see help(type(x)) for signature


append L.append(object) – append object to end
call_method(method_name[, parameters]) Call class method in the processing chain items
extend L.extend(iterable) – extend list by appending elements from the iterable
index((value, [start, ...) Raises ValueError if the value is not present.
insert L.insert(index, object) – insert object before index
pop(...) Raises IndexError if list is empty or index is out of range.
process(data) Process the data with processing chain
remove L.remove(value) – remove first occurrence of value.
reverse L.reverse() – reverse IN PLACE
sort L.sort(cmp=None, key=None, reverse=False) – stable sort IN PLACE;